Helpful Information for Owners


We will list your property for rent through Carpenter Management Co., Broker. This process will include adding your property to the Metropolitan Regional Multiple Listing Service (MRIS) wich includes Southern Maryland.

We will advertise your property at various websites and advertising media, as we deem appropriate. Note: You will not be charged for this expense.

We will lease your property at the asking amount (as outlined in your Management Agreement with us) or higher. We will never lease your property at a lower amount without first obtaining your permission.

We will execute a lease agreement with an approved tenant and give the new tenants posession of your rental home.

We will conduct a “Move-In” property inspection and document the move-in condition.

GUARANTEED TENANTS: For any tenant placed by our company who breaks the lease for any reason during the first 6 months, we will waive our customary leasing fee and re-rent your property absolutely FREE! (Except Military tenants with PCS orders).

Tenant Screening

All rental applicants will be thoroughly screened.

A credit report will be run on each adult applicant from three separate credit reporting agencies.

A search of public records will be made to help ensure the applicant has no history of being sued for nonpayment of rent, or evicted.

A limited criminal background check is included.

We check all possible former landlord references.

We verify each adult applicant’s employment and income.

Property Inspections

We will conduct a “Move-In” inspection prior to new residents moving into the property.

We will visit the tenants 30-60 days after they move in to ensure that all is well with your property and that the tenants are happy.

We will conduct a “Move-Out” inspection and document the condition of the property.

We will conduct other inspections when requested, or if we determine that an inspection is appropriate.

Rent Collection and Delinquency

At CMC we do not tolerate the delinquent payment of rent. We are careful to explain this policy to new residents in order to avoid any misunderstandings that might arise later. Our rent collection and delinquency policies are as follows:

We make every effort to collect rent by the 1st of the month.

If the rent is not promptly received, papers will be filed to sue the tenant for non-payment of rent, unless the tenant has made acceptable arrangements.

All legal steps will be carried out in order to collect the rent.

If necessary, we will also proceed with eviction.

Lease Renewal

The lease will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis at the end of the initial lease term unless you instruct us to extend the term to a definite date, or the tenant requests such an extension and the same is acceptable to you.

If we extend the lease for another term, it will be at the same or higher rent, if possible. We will not extend the lease at a lower amount without your specific permission to do so.

When current tenants give notice of their intent to move, the property will be listed for rent to obtain new tenants, unless we have instructions from you not to re-rent the property. You will be kept advised of these events.

Rent Processing and Accounting

We will pay your monthly mortgage, AND/OR deposit your rental proceeds to any bank you designate via ACH Direct Deposit. We can also make electronic wire transfers at your expense.

We will send a monthly accounting of all income and expenses, and a year-end summary for tax purposes showing yearly income and expenses, either by U.S. Mail or e-mail.

Maintenance and Repairs

We will handle repairs at your property subject to the Management Agreement terms, and will notify you when repairs are required. Emergencies will be handled promptly so as to lessen damages to persons and the property.

If your property is vacant, we will arrange for repairs necessary to improve the property’s show-ability to prospective tenants. Examples would include: lawn service, carpet cleaning, maid service, utilities and painting when necessary. In the event any of these repairs were due to the negligence of previous tenants, their security deposit will be used to pay for the repairs. We cannot charge a tenant for “ordinary wear and tear”.

We only use repairmen, vendors and tradesmen that are properly licensed and insured to handle the type of work being performed at your property. We will use specific repairmen of your choice if you desire.

We will send you copies of all invoices for repairs along with your monthly accounting.