Helpful Information for Tenants

Before Occupancy

Obtain Renter’s Insurance; Liability coverage not less than $300,000; provide proof to CMC before occupancy; remind your insurance agent to send CMC new proof of coverage each year upon renewal.

Call Utility Companies

Gas – Washington Gas (703) 750-1000 – call them 1 week ahead of occupancy

Electric – SMECO (888) 440-3311 – call 2 days ahead of occupancy
PEPCO (202) 833-7500 – call 1 week ahead of occupancy

Water – Charles County Water (301) 645-0624 – call 2 days ahead of occupancy
WSSC (301) 206-4003 – Call 1 week ahead of occupancy

Oil – Ask CMC

Trash – Charles County – Pick up is by private company of your choice.
Prince George’s County – County picks up trash. You can ask a neighbor what day.

Phone, TV, Internet – Xfinity (301) 843-3520; Verizon (800) 837-4966


Pay First Month’s Rent when picking up keys!

Upon Move-In

First thing, find the main water shut off valve, and make sure all persons old enough to know what they are doing know where it is and how to shut it off, in the event of an emergency.

Prepare the 15-day Property Condition Report. Keep a copy for yourself; give the original to CMC; be picky, this controls your security deposit upon move out. If you take pictures, please provide a copy to CMC along with a copy of the report.

Check to see that all keys work; and that you have keys to all locks. Check to make sure you have garage door remotes and that they work.

Paying Your Rent

Pay rent via personal check, bank check or money order. You may also pay online.  If you wish to do so, please go to our homepage and click on payments.  If a personal check bounces we may require you to pay via bank check, money order or cash. Make checks payable to Carpenter Management Co. Deliver it to our office at 11865 Federal Square, Ste. 104, Waldorf MD 20602. We are open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday – Friday. There is a 24-hour drop box just outside our office, and it is well marked. DO NOT LEAVE CASH IN THIS BOX. If you must pay in cash, please come during business hours.

You can also mail your check to Carpenter Management Co., P.O. Box 2625, Waldorf MD 20604. Please remember rent is late if received after the 1st of the month. Give your check time to reach us if you mail it, and don’t forget about weekends.

You may do payroll deductions or Bill Payer from your bank. To do this, contact the office at (301) 638-5700 to obtain the information needed.




Email CMC ( or call (301) 638-5700 with the details about needed repairs. If you do not hear from a service company within 24 hours (business days only), notify CMC. When you are expecting a service call, be sure your voice mail is empty enough to receive messages, and check it often. “No response” compalints are usually explained: “I left a message (or two or three) with the tenant, and no one has called me back.” Arrange for someone over 18 to be present at the time of the service.

Note: No Air Conditioning and No Heat are not EMERGENCIES – Emergencies are matters that are LIFE THREATENING or PROPERTY DAMAGING. We are very sympathetic about no AC and no heat, and CMC will do its best to get service companies to you promptly. If you are suspicious of an AC or heating problem, do not wait until Friday afternoon to alert CMC. There are no service calls for No Heat and No AC on the weekends. If CMC gets the call early enough on Friday, it is possible the service can be arranged the same day.

EMERGENCIES – IF YOUR EMERGENCY IS LIFE THREATENING, call 911 before calling CMC. IF YOUR EMERGENCY IS PROPERTY DAMAGING, it’s probably water, in which case, find the main shut-off valve and turn off the water immediately – then call CMC. IF YOUR EMERGENCY IS FIRE, Call 911. GET ALL PERSONS OUT OF THE HOUSE. Then call CMC.

Routine Matters

Change furnace filters every 3 months or more often.

Turn off all outside water spigots before the onset of freezing weather.

No painting, no wallpapering, no in-home business, etc.

Keep weeds pulled; mulch beds in order; shrubs trimmed; grass cut and trimmed.

Keep trash cans out of sight except on pick-up days.

If you change any locks, you MUST get a copy of the new key to CMC.

Change smoke detector and CO detector batteries every 6 months.

Advise CMC if the house will be unoccupied more than 14 days.

Keep CMC advised at all times of current phone numbers and email addresses.

For ants and other pests, see Para. 7 (c) of your lease, and use Ortho Defense Max according to directions; keep a good ant spray available in your house and spray those dudes every time you see them; then spray behind all kitchen appliances (and under if you can get there), including your kitchen sink; spray around all entry doors, and everywhere you suspect ants are entering; and/or use a good ant bail according to directions.

Report all water leaks and other moisture issues very promptly, so the matter can be remedied and so mold will not get a foothold. (Mold at the tubs and showers and at windows that perspire must be fought with household cleaning.)

When Moving Out

At least 30-calendar days’ WRITTEN notice is required. Email is acceptable. 30 calendar days = one entire whole month, not any 30 consecutive days. Your notice will be effective on the last day of a month. Examples: You give notice on June 1, your notice ends on June 30. You give notice on June 2, your notice ends July 31. You give notice on June 15 for 30 days, that won’t work. A June 15 notice is effective July 31.

If you move out before the last day of the month, do not take the utilities out of your name until the first day of the following month. You are responsible for utilities and rent until midnight of the last day of your notice period, i.e., the last day of whatever the month is. If you do not call utilities, you will be responsible for the bills until the meters are read.

You must pay your last month’s rent. You MAY NOT use your security deposit as the last month’s rent. Your deposit will be returned, after full inspection, after payment of the final water bill, and within 45 days of the last day of your notice month. Be sure CMC has your forwarding address.

At the time of the move-out walk-through, the house must be clean enough for a new tenant to move into it. See Para. 22 of your lease. Call CMC a day or two ahead to schedule the final walk-through. The house must be completely vacant, clean and ready to turn over the keys at the walk-through.